Tuesday, 17 March 2009

BEST Direct FX Express

PFG BEST Direct FX Express is an advanced online, retail Forex trading platform. Exclusive to our traders is one of the most accurate price feed available in the industry.
Below are advanced featured of BEST Direct FX Express that are essential tools for traders

BEST Direct FX Express Main Window
Easy to use interface that has numerous views that can be mixed and matched to customize your perfect trading platform, including two Currency Pair Views, Streaming Tick Charts, Currency Pair Summary and Account Summary.

Super Rates™
BEST Direct FX Express’ Super Rates shows all 20 currency pair in a separate window from the GTS Main Window. Super Rates has three different views and allows you to place trades just like the main window.

BEST Direct FX Express Ticker
Save Desktop space by using the BEST Direct FX Express Ticker which shows 8 currency pairs that can be used to place trades, gives important account information and market news updates. This Ticker floats on top of any application so you can see important account information all the time.

Multiple Stops/Limits with Trailing Stops
The BEST Direct FX Express platform allows you to attach up to five stops, limits and trailing stops on each trade. This feature is a valuable risk management tool. As an example traders with a 10-lot position can place 5 stops/limits for 2 lots each.

Hedging with Margin Exclusions
PFG is one of the few FCM’s that offers hedging. This function allows the trader to be both long and short in the same currency pair at the same time without incurring additional margin.

Trading Alerts
BEST Direct FX Express allows you to receive alerts via Email or SMS, upon execution of market trading levels or pending orders. Below is the “Manage Order Execution Alert” window, which allows you to customize the Pending Order Message and recipient Email/SMS address to which the alert is sent. You may set up to 5 alerts to assist your trading.

Pip and Margin Calculators
Use the Pip Calculator to see your profit/loss per a 1 Pip Movement for different contract sizes. The Margin Calculator calculates the margin required to hold open positions in real time. These are two extremely useful tools to help manage your trades and risk.